Degrees of temperature”, writing keys

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Madrid, Dec 10 (EFE) .- In the information on the climate crisis it is necessary to refer often to the increase or decrease in temperatures. The Urgent Spanish Foundation, promoted by the EFE Agency and BBVA, offers the following writing keys to clarify the doubts that usually arise when writing the degrees of temperature.


The name, strictly speaking, is “degree Celsius” (with the scientist’s name in capital letters), although outside of technical contexts “degree centigrade” or simply “degree” is used.

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The internationally established degree symbol is “° C”, which consists of a small circle followed without a space by the letter “C”. A space is left between the figure and the symbol: “Global emissions must be reduced by 7.6% each year between 2020 and 2030 to meet the 1.5 ºC target.” In non-specialized writing, the “C” can be omitted and only the circle used; in this case, write next to the number: “The average temperature of the planet will rise 3.2º this century.” Your writing does not need italics or quotation marks ”.


The circle is often replaced by an “o” or a zero, but these are not the appropriate spellings. If “o” is chosen due to typographical limitations, it is preferable not to add an underline or a period. It is not appropriate for the number and the symbol to be on separate lines, for which a non-division space can be used.


All modern keyboards allow one way or another to enter the degree symbol. Thus, in Windows it is achieved with the combination Alt + 248, while in MacOS it is Opc + May + 8, although it could vary depending on the keyboard configuration. In Linux it depends on the specific distribution. Furthermore, some programs define or allow you to define shortcuts. There are even fonts that contain the combination “°C” as a single character.

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Degree Celsius

The name, strictly speaking, is degree Celsius  (with the name of the scientist in capital letters), although outside of technical contexts degree centigrade or simply degree is used .

23 ° C,  with a space between the figure and the symbol.

The symbol set is internationally ° C , consisting of a small circle followed without space Letter C . .

In non-specialized writing, only the circle is sometimes used and in this case it is written glued to the number: 23 ° .  “Turned 180 °”.

The symbol includes a circle, not a ornot a zero.

The circle is often replaced by an o or a zero, but these are not the appropriate spellings . If the o is chosen  because of typographical limitations, it is preferable not to add an underline (it is not, therefore, 23  or C ), but in any case a period is not added.

There should not be a line break between the number and the symbol , for which a non-division space or another resource adjusted to the medium used can be used.

K elvin,  and not Kelvin degree

Occasionally another unit of temperature called kelvin (and not degree Kelvin ) appears in the press , with the symbol K (not ° K ) , but it is usually limited to scientific texts.

G rado Fahrenheit , symbol  ° F

The Fahrenheit degree can also be found , although it is a unit that should be avoided in countries where it is not official and convert to Celsius degree. Its symbol is ° F .