Strategies of Banks Attracting customers

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The bank not only wants to attract a client but also wants to keep it. But we are not attracting you. we give the best service to you and you again reach us back. Because After all, retaining an existing customer is cheaper for the bank than attracting a new one. In addition, this client is already proven, reliable. In order for such a valuable client not to be tempted by offers “on the side”, the bank is ready to give up and offer exclusive conditions for a number of programs, free services, bonuses, or gifts. And the bank would like this trusted customer to buy from him not one service, but several. (Such a sales channel allows banks to do without expensive advertising companies, with a minimum of marketing costs). Banks are planning a whole range of activities based on the use of various marketing tools in order to re-sell the service to already attracted customers or to offer them additional services. I.e, the bank uses loyalty programs. These programs are also used in order to create a positive background around the company, because satisfied customers broadcast their opinions to other people, or even directly recommend the bank to their friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

Digital Banking

What should you give my dear man …

The easiest way to make a customer happy and evoke positive emotions in him that he will keep in mind is a gift. I remember that at the beginning of the crisis, my girlfriend got scared for her hard-earned money and ran to Bank to close the deposit. But she returned from there not with cash, but with a new agreement – the money was placed at a more favorable interest, and even a jar of red caviar was handed to her, literally, without leaving the cash desk. It seems like a trifle, but then a friend laughed: “It was symbolic, because caviar was always considered a luxury, as if they told me this gift – if you stay with us, not only enough for our daily bread, but also on an oil-can with caviar. Now I can say that I’m very glad that I didn’t close the contribution then. ” Banks encourage their customers by not only giving gifts but also by holding lotteries and large prize draws, such as laptop, camera, tour package, car (one of the banks even played an apartment). Sometimes banco de venezuela prepares a surprise for a client in alliance with partners – insurers, brokers, payment systems, retail chains. In addition, this is a way to attract the attention of new customers. The promise to encourage one of the novice clients is a common marketing move and attracting and retaining customers, both individuals, and legal entities.

Against the backdrop of raffles of valuable things, banks in no way forget about the invariable small presentations that decorate their relations with customers. A clear plus – they can be presented to a large number of people. For the curious, check out our VKontakte group. There we created an album with photographs of bank souvenirs. There you will see photos of what banks give to their customers. These are not only mugs, pens. Really creative presentations come across.

OWN – cheaper, faster, more interesting!

In order to retain a client or sell him an additional service, a banking product banco bicentenario, banks use all kinds of discounts (reduced interest on loans, low interest on certain banking operations, the opportunity to receive second and subsequent banking products on certain preferential terms). Common are loyalty programs with respect to salaries. If the company has a bank account, and employees receive wages on cards, then a number of banks are ready to issue loans to such customers on concessional terms. And this is not only a reduction in the interest rate but also a simplified package of documents provided, a shorter time for considering the application and making a decision, as well as longer terms for the decision to issue. An example is the lending program of Sberbank, Bank of the Ring of the Urals.

The policy of loyalty to employees

Transcapitalbank maintains a general policy of loyalty to employees of enterprises and companies of customers and partners of the Bank banesco online; therefore, it implements special packages of lending programs for this category of individuals on an ongoing basis. The list of products includes corporate mortgages, car loans, consumer loans, as well as preferential terms on credit limits for employee salary cards. The list of preferences includes not only the size of the interest rate but also other conditions for processing and obtaining a loan product. For this category of private clients, the Bank holds seasonal campaigns of a general nature and also implements special offers for employees of specific enterprises, which relates directly to partnership interaction within the framework of certain business projects. You can visit for online banking